iSocket 3G Appreciated Tester Program

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

If you are the owner of an iSocket from the previous generation, and if you are comfortable about speaking on camera, if you have a chance to test iSocket 3G in different locations with different SIM cards and finally, if you appreciate iSocket and want to tell the world about it, we invite you to take part in our Appreciated Tester Program. Briefly, the terms are as follows.


  • You have an opportunity to test iSocket in at least two different locations (more locations with varying signal reception would be better).
  • You can test the iSocket with SIM cards from at least two different suppliers (better with two or more different networks).
  • You need a camera or quality phone to be able to film yourself.
  • You allow us to use your short video for marketing purposes.

What should I do?

  • We will ask you to send a STATUS message and a few other messages to the iSocket located in different places with different SIM cards and write down the results to share with us.
  • We will ask you to write a short 20-40 sec video testimonial (feedback) where you will need to cover the following aspects: what is your application, why do you want iSocket 3G for this application and how did you like the iSocket of the previous generation.
  • Please do this within one week of receiving iSocket 3G from us.

What is the benefit for me?

  • A free iSocket 3G (we pay delivery too).
  • A big “thank you” from us.
  • Appreciation from other customers who may use your expertise.
  • Promotion if you are a business customer – we will mention you on our website and other marketing materials.

How to take part?

Contact us before Jan 10, 2016 with the following information:

  • Locations where you plan to do tests (GPS coordinates preferable, but exact address is fine too).
  • SIM cards that you plan to buy for tests. Please send a link to the description.
  • Mobile networks on which you plan to test (if you don’t understand what this means, don’t worry, we will explain).
  • Camera or phone model and some information about your experience of video testimonials (YouTube links are preferable).
  • Order number for your previous generation iSocket.

Note! We will only be selecting a limited number of participants from different regions of USA, Australia and Canada with different applications among existing customers who have had our previous product. We hope you will not be offended if you are not selected. It’s not a case of success or failure, it’s just a limited program. ;)

Note, this test program does not mean that the product is untested. The main reason for the campaign is to carry out extra tests in different regions with different mobile operators and SIM cards - to share the information with future customers.

If you have not received our reply by the 12th January, you have not been selected for this program. Please don't be offended – the program is really limited.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

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